Helpful blogs for Dog Training

Knowledge and experience, base on the science of Dog Training can be hard to find.  Herein are a list of blogs and webpages that I believe can be trusted for their information.  The majority of these blogs and resources are by Students and Graduates of the Academy for Dog Trainers.

The Muzzle Up Project.  An excellent resource for misunderstood dogs.  Dogs in need of muzzles need not be shunned or feared.  Muzzles serve a purpose for dogs that have issues with their own fear; they keep others and by extension themselves, safe.

The CARE project; for Reactive Dogs.  Helping a Reactive Dog is important for their own welfare.  A dog always living in fear or a heightened state of anxiety can not lead full, happy lives.

Other Useful blogs!

Companion Animal Psychology

Mutt About Town

Fearfuldogs’ Blog


Inquisitive Canine, Santa Barbara Doggie Blog


Dalmatian Rescue of Illinois

Great  Shakes Dog Training

Dogsense Unleashed

Yaletown Dog Training

Very Pets

Your Pitbull and You

by Scott Nygren

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