Three Icies
Vigo, Soley and Tindra

You love your pooch, we know that.

We’re here  to help you with any improvements you may need.  Maybe some little (or big) behaviour tweaks?  Maybe just basic training.  We offer both Coaching and Day Training.  We currently also offer Dog Walks, both private and group, as well as  special training walks.

Our aim is to provide you with understandable, easy to follow techniques based on the latest science  and the most humane, minimally invasive methods.  In other words we do not use or promote the use of pain, intimidation or fear in training.  We want to make sure you understand exactly what is going to happen during training and ensure your dogs welfare is maintained.

Our main job is to find, or help you find, motivators for your dog to learn.  Motivators your dog wants.

We share our philosophy openly.  Please feel free to find out more about us as well.

Dog Training and Dog Walking are currently completely unregulated in Canada.  Your rights and your dogs rights are important to us.

Dogs at Play! Examples of Group fun!

Questions to Ask your Trainer! (Our response to Jean Donaldson’s
World Dog Trainers Motivation Transparency Challenge)

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Dog Training and Dog Walking in Leslieville, East York, The Beach – Toronto