About Us

Sundog started out as a Dog Walking service and morphed, with time, education and experience into a Dog Training service.  Our philosophy is based in Science and Compassion; for the dogs in our care, and their parents.  Knowledge and understanding are one pillar of our foundation and the other pillar is striving to be ever more competent in Training and providing coaching to help Pet Parents to be successful with their own dog.

We are based in the Cabbage Town area of Toronto doing most of our work in the East York/Leslieville/Danforth area.

Our goal is to provide progressive, current knowledge and learning to provide Pet Dog Owners with all the information they need to raise a happy, emotionally stable, vibrant dog.

We fully promote Informed Consent – letting our clients know exactly what tools and techniques we  plan on using to motivate their dog.  We also strive to one day have Dog Training fully regulated in one form or another, so that owners can have all the Rights they deserve.

Dog Training and Dog Walking in Leslieville, East York, The Beach – Toronto