Training Philosophy

Our approach is an ethical one, based on science and welfare of the dogs in our care and tutelage.  We are mindful of the effects and side effects of how we are manipulating behaviour.  Despite public understanding, dogs, not trainers, determine if something is pleasant or unpleasant (Safe or unsafe; happy or fearful).

We choose to train to make the dog feel as happy as possible.  We avoid, or simply do not use, techniques that will cause fear, or make a dog feel unsafe.

Our understanding of science means we do not use, or practice in outdated traditions.  When needed, we will gladly debunk myths getting in the way of Pet Parents understanding what is really happening with a dogs behaviour.

We understand all animals with a functioning nervous system learn under Learning Theory.  Operant and Classical conditioning the chief tools of this Theory.

A general motto in our training is “Reward what you like, redirect what you don’t like.”  This doesn’t mean being permissive about things they shouldn’t be doing.  Providing them an option before they fail is essential.  We do not wait for mistakes, we reward what is being done correctly.  After they are fluent they will face the consequence of withdrawal of what was wanted in the first place.  Pain, discomfort or fear are not needed with modern techniques.

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