Training –

Initial consultation:

During the consultation for Training the following will be discussed:

  • all relevant history is gathered
  • assessment of needs for the dog and family
  • an initial management plan, regardless of continuing to lessons
  • a plan is established
  • setting appointment times
  • requirements of the fist lesson
  • $113 for a one hour consult paid before or at the beginning of the consult
Day Training:

No time to train your pooch?

  • we train your dog while you are busy
  • Up to 4 behaviours could be taught in about 8 sessions, depending on the difficulty and end behaviour desired
  • your dog stays at home (this is not Board and Train)
  • once trained, we pass the dog back off to you with a plan to maintain the behaviours; usually 2 – once midway, then at the end.  (these are included in pricing)

Please Contact us for other details!  —  Price – 113*/session

Private Training:

For those wanting some personal guidance!

  • train in your own home
  • training plans to meet your needs
  • One on One
  • fewer distractions
  • usually one hour per week.
  •  packages depending on plans and needs.

Contact us for other details!  —  Price 113*/session

Puppy Visits:

Wish to give your new puppy quick lessons for a few weeks while they adjust to their new life?

  • begin as soon as you get the puppy home!
  • teaches the puppy basic obedience skills (Sit/Down)
  • impulse control skills (stay, wait, Leave-it)
  • potty break and feeding to break up the day.

Puppy visits are in 1/2 hour sessions offered in packages.  Please contact us for other details!  —  Price up to 25*/half hour

Dog Walking –

Group Walks

Do you require a lower stress homecoming?  Group walks provide:

  • a chance to burn off abundant energy
  • Socialization with appropriate playmates
  • ball chasing for those so inclined
  • off leash play
  • walks are 45 minutes  in length
  • basic training practice – recalls, sits, downs and impulse control
  • dogs are required to have good mouth control in play and to be sociable with people and other dogs.

We currently have 2 walks each day; 3, 4 or 5 days a week (contact us for availability).  Based on a monthly basis (please see our service area).  —  420*/month (5 days/week).

Private Walks

For pooches that don’t do well in groups, or have other issues:

  • pooches needing extra care for a walk for whatever reason
  • minor behaviour work where needed (leash reactivity etc.)
  • Private walks are 20 minutes in length

Contact us for availability.  Based on a monthly basis (please see our service area).  —  420*/month (5 days/week).

At this time we are not offering Boarding or Vacation Visits.

* All prices include HST; multiple sessions may receive a package discount

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