Töfra Tinni Alexander

Tinni is a young male whom a friend imported from Iceland.   His pedigree, conformation and structure make him a wonderful addition to our breeding program.  Tinni’s sire and dam both have normal eye result and  HD-A hip ratings, which is the highest rating in the hip testing system used by Iceland.    Tinni will have his OFA Prelim hip tests done in January and will be CERF tested at that time.  Tinni’s sire is one of my favorite Icelandic Sheepdog males, Tofra Kloi Hektorsson, and his dam Kersins Skella was a striking black tri-color female with an abundant long coat, and sturdy build.   Tinni has a wonderful head and expression, proper and balanced angulation, breed-typical rectangular body proportions, substantial bone and even as a young dog he shows the correct masculine traits.  Tinni is smart, eager to work, persistent and strong.  We feel he’ll have a lot of potential for dogsports and plan to have him herding tested.  He has a natural tendency to retrieve and is an excellent tugger. Tinni has a confident, sociable attitude towards other dogs.


Doesn’t mind getting wet at all 🙂

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