Breed Info

Breed Information



  Spori Sámur frá Ólafsvöllum

Icelandic Sheepdog Champion

Somi Av Isheim

Icelandic Sheepdogs Male Female

Icelandic Sheepdogs – Long-hair tan male Stassi fra Gotu

                               Short-hair black tricolor female Holmfriður fra Kolsholti

Our Role as Breeders

My goal is to breed Icelandic Sheepdogs according to the Standard of the Country of Origin, Iceland, which is the basis of the CKC and AKC standard.  I have no wish to follow the biases of the show ring, to breed to a specific national type or to create my own type of Icelandic Sheepdog.  Breeding to the internationally recognized Standard  is already a sufficient challenge.   Our breed has a lot of inherent diversity, in color and markings, coat type, size and substance.  In many other breeds, reducing the spectrum of  diversity to an essence of breed type has produced show ring success but  has not produced healthy dogs.    

Future Goals

When we bred our first litter we were looking forward to acquiring a new family member and were hopeful that great homes would show up for the other puppies.   The hopes have been fulfilled and  we feel truly blessed by the number of great applications we get for homes, and the special people who have  added a Solhundur puppy to their family. The love and pride that the new owners feel for their pups is a huge part of the reward of being a breeder.  I plan to breed a limited number of future litters.  I truly appreciate the efforts of breeders who include my dogs in their breeding programs.