Events 2008


2008 Was a Good Year For Us

Remember the Feist song in those Ipod ads ?

“1, 2, 3, 4”

1  New CKC Champion

Best of Breed for 2 points, Judge S. Bister, Finland

Champion Female Icelandic Sheepdog

#2 Iceland Sheepdog in Canada (BDIC system)

Congratulations to Töfra Hroi Grettir, owner Maureen A. (Maine) and breeder Monika K.  (Iceland) 

Group Placing Icelandic Sheepdog

Group 4th, Judge K. Edh, Sweden

#3 Icelandic Sheepdog in Canada (BDIC system)

Champion Group Placing Female Icelandic Sheepdog

Group 4th, Judge M. Mincey, CKC All-breeds, B.C.

4 Herding Instinct Certified Dogs

Sóley, Max, Tindra and Kona all achieved an HIC in 2008 

Herding Instinct Certified Icelandic Sheepdogs

“Tell me that you love me more . . . . “

Breed Club Booster Winners
Judge D. Cole, CKC All-breeds, B.C.

Show Win Icelandic Sheepdog
Best of Breed – Ch Belglen Roskva CGN

Icelandic Sheepdog Best Puppy Winner
Best Puppy in Booster – Solhundur Leika Oskadis

2008 News and Events
* November 28-30
Caledon Kennel Club, Missisauga

We were entered but  did not attend this show because the dogs came down with kennel cough the week before the show!  As I write this on November 29 they are full of energy but, still coughing when they get excited.  

Re-union/Pre-union Weekend
November 1, Trillium Dog Fanciers Show, Etobicoke
Judge K. Edh (Sweden)
The wonderful dog “Max” Tofra Hroi Grettir, who sired the Solhundur 2007 and 2009 litters, won Best of Breed and Group 4th under breed specialist judge Kenneth Edh of Sweden, earning 4 CKC Championship points.
Max earned 43 Top Dog points, placing him at #2 Iceland Sheepdog in Canada for 2008 ( system).
Töfra Hroi Grettir – Best of Breed, Group 4th
Belglen Roskva – Best Opposite
Solhundur Tindra Óskastjarna – Winner’s Female

November 2, 2008
Herding Instinct Testing, Agility Fun Day at Tee Creek Dog Training Center
Herding Instinct Certificates were earned by:
Töfra Hroi Grettir
Solhundur Tindra Óskastjarna
Solhundur Galdur Kolgrimur

Many thanks and congratulations to Kona’s owners for bringing him to the event, and to Laila  for the photos!!  The weekend wouldn’t have been the same without Scott’s skill and willingness in handling both in the show-ring and the round pen.

November 1, 2008:
Solhundur Elska Ljosstjarna and Belglen Undri Ari represented the breed at a rare herding breed presentation at the Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers Show in Abbotsford, B.C.

October 25th
CKC Show, Belleville
Soley won Best of Breed
Tindra placed 1st in Class, and Winner’s Female.
Tindra competed in the Breeder’s Match with evaluations from 3 judges  and earned 258 points out of a possible 300 points.  

September 27 – Caledonia Fall Fair
There were three performances on Saturday with about 100 spectators at each performance. Sóley participated with Team K9 in steeplechase and musical mats.

We did not enter  any shows in September, for two reasons, we thought Tindra was starting her first heat (she’s still keeping us waiting) and females  in heat can’t compete in obedience,  and the girls are still growing their winter coats so we thought we’d wait a few more weeks before entering conformation again.   

August 23-24
Markham Kennel Club, Richmond Hill
August 23 – Tindra Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed
Leika 2nd Senior Puppy, Reserve Winners Female
August 24 – Tindra Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed
Leika 2nd Senior Puppy, Reserve Winners Female
Icelandic Sheepdog Puppy

August 9-10
Georgina Kennel Club, 3 Rally Trials
August 9 – Sóley qualified in the morning and afternoon Novice A trials to complete her Rally Novice title.
August 10 – Sóley qualified in Advanced A for her first leg towards her Rally Advanced Title.
Tindra qualified in Novice A for her first leg towards her Novice title.

August 8-9
Victoria City Kennel Club
August 8 – Elska won Best of Breed
August 9 – Elska won Best of Breed

August 4th
Sóley passed the  1st leg of the AHBA HCT, tested on sheep.
August 2
Sóley competed in her second CPE Agility trial.  She qualified in Colors with a time of 21.27 seconds over 70 yards.  She didn’t qualify in Gamblers although she completed the course.   She now has 3 legs towards her CPE Level 1 Title.  

July 25 – 27
UKC Shows in Erin, Ontario – 5 Multibreed Shows hosted by Maple Leaf Kennel Club
July 26, Show 1 – Tindra won BOB and Group 4th
July 26, Show 2 – Soley won BOB and Group 1st (with competition)
July 27, Show 1 – Soley won BOB and Group 3rd
July 27, Show 2 – Soley won BOB  and Group 3rd

July 19-20
Dog Days of Scugog
Tindra passed the CGN Test on Saturday!
Tindra won the Cutest Dog Contest at Scugog on Sunday!

July 5-6
Sóley competed in her first agility trial.  She was entered in a CPE trial for 4 Level 1 Standard Runs and 1 Level 1 Wildcard run.  On July 5th, handled by Scott,  she qualified in two  Standard runs to earn the CL1-R title.   On July 6th, handled by Laura, she qualified in one Standard run and got an NQ in her second Standard run.  She also got an NQ in the Wildcard run.  

June 20-22
Canadian Icelandic Sheepdog Club booster  at the  Kingston & District Kennel Club Show.
Belglen Roskva “Sóley”  won Best of Breed at the CISC Club Booster on June 21st in an entry of 7 dogs.  On the same day she took a 2nd place in the Novice A Rally Trial with a score of 98.   Sóley was handled as always by Scott.  Her daughter Leika won Best Puppy in Breed!  

June 17
I will be co-owning a lovely red/white male puppy from Belglen Kennel’s 2008 litter.  Ari will be a member of Elska’s family.

June 13, 14, 15
Nanaimo Kennel Club, B.C.
Solhundur Elska Ljósstjarna competed in her first CKC shows and Puppy Sweepstakes.

June 14, 2008
Etobicoke Humane Society Walk-a-thon
Sóley participated in the obedience and tricks demo !  

May 30-June 1, 2008
Sóley became a new CKC Champion!
She earned BOB on Sunday from Judge Soile Bister of Finland.
Ms Bister was amused that their names sound the same.

Sóley was awarded a Group 4th by CKC All-breed Judge Marilyn Mincey on May 30, 2008.
Sóley  is #4 Iceland Sheepdog in Canada for 2007 (Dogs in Canada Top Dog points system).   She attended only three shows with breed competition.

April 27
Herding Instinct Test at Have Ewe Herd, sponsored by the Rare Breed Performance Club of Ontario
Sóley is now Herding Instinct Certified!

April 12-13
Mind to Mind with your Dog with Sue Ailsby,  sponsored by Speaking of Dogs Rescue organization

Scott and I attended with Sóley and Tindra.  Topics included theory and application of  clicker-training, preparing dogs for competition, and discussion of structure from a  performance dog viewpoint.   Sue has an awesome website!

April 6
Health Clinic sponsored by the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Toronto
Sóley passed her OFA Thyroid test, her CERF eye test, and her adult hip results are OFA Excellent.

March 30
Introduction to Herding at Tee Creek
A one-day clinic.  We attended with both our Icelandic girls.

March 21-23
All About Pets Show, International Centre, Toronto
The Solhundur dogs and people had a booth in the Breeder’s Village.  

Tindra completed Puppy Gymboree, a 4 week course at Urban Dog.  It was  sweet to see her tackle the same baby agility obstacles that her mother did, just two years ago!  Tindra completed First Paw Forward and Coming Back for More, taught by Renee at All About Dogs.